Tuesday, May 28, 2013

oliver + s Bucket Hat

For the little guy's first birthday, I wanted to make him a bucket hat for the summer. I have heard wonderful things about oliver + s patterns, but had never tried one out. They have a free pattern for a reversible bucket hat that was exactly what I was looking for.

Bucket Hat 2

Let me tell you, this pattern was great! Only three simple pieces to cut out.

I've never sewn a hat or something quite that round before and had some reservations, but I was able to follow this pattern step by step & end up with a fabulous hat for my ONE year old little guy.

Bucket Hat 1
I'm considering adding a chin strap to make sure this hat stays on this busy little boy, but then it wouldn't be reversible after doing that. All in all, I'd highly recommend this pattern! I'd love to try some more oliver + s patterns someday.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Works for Me: Audiobooks

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This is such a simple idea, but it has helped me SO much with getting housework done that I have to share. I'm in a local book club, and a couple of the girls in it have always just raved over listening to audiobooks. I had tried listening to them before, but mostly on a long trip and they would tend to put me to sleep. (Not a good thing when you're driving!)

After one book club discussion of audiobooks in particular, I decided to try it again. Now, I'm hooked. When Isaac goes down for his nap, I pop on the headphones and get busy with cooking, cleaning, sewing, laundry, you name it! I am so much more motivated to get the chores done when I have the company of a good book. {Confession: there are many, many naps where I get sucked into something not-so-productive - but I'm way more likely to get things done when I have a book to listen to.}

Any favorite audiobooks out there? I'd love some good suggestions!

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