Monday, August 25, 2014

How To Recover an IKEA Poang Chair

Before our first baby was born, we purchased an IKEA Poang chair for the nursery. You've probably seen these chairs - definitely a little plain. At first glance I thought they were pretty strange looking, but they are surprisingly comfortable and come with a really great price tag!

The nursery is grey, so we opted for a black frame with the off-whiteish cushion.
Well, after 2 years and baby #2 was born, I decided that I was tired of the plain chair. Not to mention that it really didn't look that great in the nursery, especially with the monogrammed pillow given to Anna by some sweet friends! 
I found some pink & grey twill zigzag fabric on that I thought would work. The fabric was on sale at the time, so it was a really cheap way to update the nursery. 
Since the fabric is 56" wide, I only needed 2 yards to cover the chair. I loosely based my project on this tutorial found on Stickelberry, but since my fabric was a different width I modified it slightly.

First, I laid out the whole piece, marked the middle, and cut it in half. Then, I put one piece face up, laid the cushion on top, then put the other piece of fabric face down. I marked the top piece of fabric near the velcro on the cushion and cut that. 
So, I then had 3 pieces of fabric: one really long piece on the front, and two smaller pieces for the back. I folded the two back pieces down twice and hemmed. (I know this isn't very detailed, but really, the tutorial I referenced is very thorough on these steps.
Next, I pinned & sewed the longer of the back fabrics to the front fabric. Then, I laid it on the floor again, laid the cushion inside, and pinned the top of the back fabrics to the front fabric. I wanted the seams to be at the ends of the cushion. I also sewed the velcro strip at this time.

Once I had a big piece of fabric, I just needed to sew up the side seams. I like things to be pretty exact, so I measured the cushion width to be 24.5" wide. This would provide a snug fit for the cushion. I pinned, measured, and marked the fabric to be 24.5" wide on the bottom half of the cover. After sewing that, I stuffed the cushion inside just to verify the width. (It would have been much easier to rip it then if I had to - but I didn't - it was a great fit!) I then pinned, measured, and marked the top part.

I sewed diagonally across the corners since they're rounded, trimmed the edges down to a smaller seam allowance, flipped it, then stuffed the cushion inside. And - TA-DA! A brand new looking chair with a removable cover!

{Note: I'm not claiming this to be a tutorial since the one at Stickelberry is already excellent. I realize that pictures and my description are not as thorough as they could be. However, if you have any questions at all please contact me & I'll do my best to help!}


  1. Do you have the measurements you used, or at least how many years of fabric you bought? The tutorial blog post said that her account was hacked and she lost the original post, so she doesn't have the measurements anymore.

    1. Hi Sarah, I used 2 yards of 56" wide fabric, cut in half. So, if you used regular width you'd need almost a full 4 yards. My long piece on the front was 28" x 67", then the two pieces on the back were 28" x 46" and 28" x 34". That was more than enough - I ended up trimming them down even further after sewing, so those aren't very exact measurements. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Rebekah, do you remember about how long your diagonal lines in the corners are to account for the rounded corners? I'm not sure the best way to ask that question, maybe how far out from your stitched corners did your diagonal lines meet the straight lines?

  3. Hi. Your cover is beautiful! I just inherited two chairs whose cusions are in really bad shape. I can't wait to cover them. Can you tell me how much overlap there is between the two back pieces of your "envelope"? Thank you!