Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Book Review: The Secret Keeper

I recently finished The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. Historical fiction is my favorite, and I'm especially partial to WWII books. So, I was pretty sure I'd enjoy this book before I ever started!

The Secret Keeper switches between present-day, seen through the eyes of Laurel Nicolson, and the 1940's, as experienced by her mother, Dorothy. Books that switch time periods are hit-or-miss for me. I usually find myself enjoying one half of the story more than the other half, but not so with this one. The characters are vivid, and the story lines twist together in a really engaging manner. As Dorothy is gravely ill, Laurel is determined to uncover pieces of the past that will lay to rest questions she has regarding her mother.

The Secret Keeper did not disappoint - there were surprising turns in the plot throughout the book, and Kate Morton's writing had me really believing that I knew the characters. I listened to this one as an audiobook, and it was rather long, but the narrator was fantastic.

Verdict: Highly recommended!

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