Monday, January 14, 2013

Handstitched Class

Handstitched ClassI'm so excited to be participating in the Handstitched class offered by Rachel from Stitched in Color! My mom took this class when it was first offered, and I loved seeing what she was making. When I saw shortly before Christmas that the class would be offered again, I dropped some not-subtle-at-all hints to my husband that I would really like to take it.

Here's why I really wanted to take the class:
  • I love challenges and learning new things. What could be better than a class?
  • I've never taken a sewing class before and thought it would be fun.
  • I saw my mom make some amazing projects last summer!
  • If my mom, who in my opinion knows everything there is to know about sewing, could learn from the class, then how much more would I learn?!
  • January was stretching out ahead of me without any sewing goals. (Other than the Christmas stockings... see previous post.)
So, class officially starts today and I am ready! (Well, almost... still rounding up supplies. I live in a pretty supply-limited area.)

If you're visiting from class, so glad you stopped by! I'm excited to start sewing with you & see all the fun things we'll make! As way of introduction, like many of you my first ventures into sewing were crosstitching as a kid. My mom (as I've mentioned) has taught me a ton. My only regret is not learning more while I still lived at home! When I got married in 2008, I decided that I really wanted to start learning to sew. Unfortunately, the old machine I was using lasted for 1 project before it died. It wasn't worth the price to fix, so my sewing was put on hold. Fast forward to 2010 when I got my masters. My parents gave me a sewing machine as my graduation present and I was once again able to sew. Enter a full-time job with a long commute... and sewing again took the backburner. Whew, quite the rollercoaster! 

That brings us to this past year. I didn't go back to work after our son was born in May 2012, and now am able to spend more time sewing. (As long as Isaac naps!!!) Most of my projects use the machine, so I'm really excited to learn all about handwork from Rachel's class. I do love having a project to work on while riding in the car or sitting & visiting with friends. 

So, here goes! I'll be posting class progress here on Homemade Engineer. You can also keep up with my projects on Flickr.


  1. Rebekah, You are off to a good start! No surprise to you, that I'm thrilled at how much you are sewing and doing a great job too!
    I love you!

  2. What would we do without our Mum's to support our sewing adventures!!
    I am popping in from Rachel's class - trying to get to know my fellow students. It is very lovely to meet you!!
    I love the colours in the quilt in your header. Have you decided on a colour scheme for your quilt yet?

    1. Hi Maryanne,
      Thanks for saying hi! Looking forward to taking class with you.
      The quilt in the header uses a charm pack of Tradewinds fabric, it was for my new niece. :) I'll hopefully put up a post about it soon!
      I have most of my print fabrics for the class quilt - it's going to be aqua/navy/green/yellow. I'll put some pictures up on Flickr soon! I can't wait to get started on it! What about you? It was a really hard decision for me!

    2. I have finished my dogwood applique, just waiting for some time to put some borders on it before I photograph it for the flickr pool. I used some Amy Butler Soul Blossom. Now agonising over what to use further out in the quilt. Well maybe not agonising(!), it's quite fun really