Friday, January 11, 2013


Hello and welcome to Homemade Engineer! I'm so glad you stopped by. A first blog post is always a bit intimidating - so much potential lies ahead! So, here goes:

As the name might suggest, I went to college for an engineering degree and now am staying at home with our (almost) 8-month old son. My brain still works like an engineer's, though, and certainly shapes a lot of my homemade pursuits.

Since I'm home so much more now than before the little guy was born, I've been squeezing in sewing time when I can. I've found I need my own web home so that I can join in all the fun in the blog world. I'll share my projects with you - successes, failures, what I'm learning, things that inspire me - and hopefully we can help each other out.

I like to make other things from scratch, too (especially bread), so there might be a few posts on that sort of thing - we'll see what happens! I hope you keep stopping by to see what's happening!

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