Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Susanna Cate's Quilt

As I explained in this post, I haven't been sewing consistently for very long. And for quilting... I'm even more of a novice. I've finished 2 {baby} quilts, a practice quilt for my dog, and a tablerunner. That's it. But, the engineer in me really loves quilting! Why not - the more precise I am, the better the quilt turns out. So great to have a way for meticulousness to merge with creativity for a fun finished product!

One of those two finished quilts was for my newest niece, born this past November. It's featured in my header and I love it! I've had a few requests to see the whole thing... so here it is.

Charming Lucy Front

I used this Charming Lucy quilt pattern from A Bright Corner featuring a Tradewinds charm pack. I didn't really plan for this, but the fabric matches my sweet niece's nursery. Bonus!

I attempted free motion quilting for the first time in a loop-de-loop pattern. It definitely got better as I went.

a little of the back

Anyway, I'm hooked. There will certainly be more quilts to come.

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  1. Gorgeous! It's perfect with the Tradewinds fabrics and I LOVE the hot pink on the backing. You have a lucky niece!